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Our staff has extensive experience in various transactions involving areas such as Real Estate, Commodities, Banking Transactions, Electronic transfers, Crypto currency, Diamond Transactions, and many more. We assist and work with individuals and companies to facilitate prompt payment of their fees.

Our team of executives also comprise licensed attorneys that assist clients that may have funds held in trust for future acts or transfers. Through LRA, our clients will obtain a trustworthy company to hold such funds, who they know will perform as instructed when the time comes. As professionals, our partner attorneys are held to higher standards, thereby making them one of the best candidates for a Paymaster. Our partners have trust accounts allowing them to hold funds in trust until the client instructs us to disburse those funds.

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If you are in need of a professional to hold funds for transactions or distribute funds to a pool of entities, our company will provide such services. Once the proper documentation is received, we will act as set forth in the documentation to distribute the funds accordingly.

These types of services are usually for any individual or entity looking to securely transfer funds, or it can be when goods must be shipped and the buyer does not wish to transfer funds directly until the goods arrive.  We have a number of individual clients seeking to have funds disbursed to one or more individuals using a trusted fiduciary for the disbursement. For all of these purposes and related, we handle transactions on a national and international basis for our clients.  We act as a trusted, arms-length, neutral third party that facilitates the payment of large sums of money by receiving funds from any transaction between two or more separate individuals or entities.

LRA is a dedicated Paymaster Attorney and the Paymaster Attorney will act as a trusted. The Paymaster holds the funds in Escrow, and disburses the funds, as directed, to all principals and associates in a transaction. This procedure protects all parties to the Escrow transaction.

The use of a Paymaster can be one of the most effective means for intermediaries to insure they smoothly and securely receive the fees, compensation, or commissions that have been contractually agreed upon by the parties. The Paymaster drafts a multi-lateral Escrow or Paymaster Agreement, maintains an escrow account, and disburses funds in accordance with the Escrow or Paymaster Agreement.

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