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Thank you for visiting LAND ROCKPORT OF AMERICAS (LRA): Escrow Company that has been in the Real Estate, Safe Paymaster and Bill Paying Service business for over 15 years, providing its services in Costa Rica and most recently in Nicaragua and Panamá.

LRA was formed in 2004 to provide investors and high net worth individuals with professional U.S.-Style Escrow Services, in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. Since our establishment, our firm has been dedicated to delivering the highest level of professional service.

LRA provides best-in-class Escrow Services to help clients safely and securely navigate the often-complicated world of commercial and residential transactions in the region. We assist all parties coordinate every aspect of the escrow, our agents are detail oriented and committed to meeting your time sensitive deadlines. From start to the end of any transaction, we are made up of escrow specialists who will provide all involved parties excellent assistance.

Our two main offices are located in Panama City and San José Costa Rica, which allows our company to provide a faster, smoother service always keeping our principle of excellence in service to our clients in all countries.
Up to this date, we have managed more than 250 real estate closings of all kinds from a single first home or second retirement home to much more complex real estate investments with clients that have bought Condominium Buildings and Hotels, with an amount that adds up to more than 30 million dollars.

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